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1 Corinthians 15:58, Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.

What does it mean for something to be unmovable? Does it mean that it cannot change geography? Maybe something can’t be what it is if it is somewhere else than where it stands. Maybe it means it cannot change philosophy? Maybe it can’t be what it is if it changes its character? Regardless of what the object is, if it is truly unchangeable, then it remains unique in this world. What is it that keeps us from movement in a world that changes constantly? The world’s morals, direction and culture change constantly. How does anyone live a life without movement?

We have something rewarded to us from God; it is our “eternity” with Him. This is what allowed the early Church to move forward in bold ways. It kept them from cowardice at the Roman sword, or the lion’s mouth. When the pharisaical came for them, they had the courage of knowing they were right, even when the stones came. So much so, that when left for dead, men could walk back into the city and preach the same message. (Acts 14:8-20) It would allow Stephen to preach the truth to his literal dying breath. (Acts 7:56) From its inception, the Church has had an “in your face” presence in this world. It is radically different in priority and practice.

If we are going to be successful today, we need to walk through this world like we know our Father owns it. I am not suggesting some overly aggressive attitude that some have adopted. I also, do not suggest the overly accommodating posture that makes the church weak when it should be strong and effective. I am simply suggesting a Church that doesn’t run for cover every time Satan says BOO! We don’t need to fear him, or the hoards he has assembled against us. The world is fickle at its most stable. Eternity gives us a reason for perspective that the world lacks with its ever-changing moral targets.

The eternal perspective of the Church affects our hearts as God’s own people. Our relationships are too valuable to be written off because they have “forever” ramifications. It won’t let us be flippant when it comes to responsibilities; we will be accountable for in judgment. It won’t let us succumb to defeats in trial because they are always temporary. Our lives almost always last longer than our adversity. We cannot spend our resources frivolously, because they are opportunities given to us by God. Eternity removes our fear of death because the wages of sin are taken from our future. When my body wastes away, it is simply the beginning of my transition to eternity. We are actually more secure than this world will ever be.

If I want to deal with the neurosis of living in this world, I have to live knowing that I have something far beyond the reach of this world and even time itself. Because I know of this great reward, I am free being a powerfully courageous servant of the “Most High King!” My life has meaning and purpose because God has taken away my limits and enemies.

Do we really live our lives with the real perspective of eternity? We must live our lives boldly because that is what blood-bought, forgiven people do. I am free because my Savior died, and rose, for me. I have an eternity because I have come into contact with His forgiving flow of blood. I have an eternity, because He is eternal. I have a life because He lives. I have no need to fear, or cower, or otherwise be less than a Child of God’s grace. Are you living a life of redemption? I hope so. Godspeed on your journey.