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Egg Hunt

On March 26th we will have an Easter Egg Hunt for all children up to grade 6. We ask that an adult accompany any child who is kindergarten age or younger. Pizza will be provided for lunch. If you are a family or an adult who will be part of this fun, we would...

Birthday/Anniversary Fellowship

Our monthly Birthday/Anniversary fellowship will take place after the evening service. Those in charge are: Set Up: Care Group 3, Serve: Care Group 4, and Clean Up: Care Group 1. Bring finger food to share and join the fun and fellowship!

WinGS Update

WinGS (Women in God’s Service) is happy to report the monetary collection in December to help Shults-Lewis Children and Family Services with their Christmas holiday season, was well received. A check for $1200 was sent to them. Thank you for your love and...

5th Sunday Fellowship

The 5th Sunday Fellowship Potluck will take place on January 29th after the morning worship service. Care Group assignments are: set up-4, serve-1, cleanup-2. There will be NO evening service that day.