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In life we are often confronted with defining our own purpose and place. Some servants want prominence and God speaks to the selfish servant in several different ways in the Old and New Testament. (“Naaman” – 2 Kings 5; “Choosing Prominence For Ourselves” – Luke 14:7-11) It is difficult to realize that we may be relinquished to a humble position and not the “place of honor” while we serve. Some assume that the “best” people are always placed in honor, and my absence defines my worth. The best may see honorable places by God, but this is not always so of man. Sometimes man’s honor is bestowed because man wants something in return. (Luke 14:12) God places the most humble people in prominence as an illustration to man that what man sees is not necessarily the most valuable or honorable. (1 Samuel 16:1-13)

Man struggles to “naturally” understand God’s values to the degree that God says it is impossible. God’s wisdom and man’s wisdom live in constant conflict. (1 Corinthians 1:25-27) We see power in size and God chooses the small. We see strength in muscle, and God chooses the meek. We see wisdom in education, and God sees intelligence in application. Man judge’s service through accomplishment and God sees service as sacrifice. I cannot begin to tell you of how many talented children of Christians who have missed the application of faith, while fully knowing much of what the Bible says. I have seen many who could quote scripture, but have left the wisdom of God for the foolishness of man. Many choose to understand scripture through their own prejudice, instead of the clarity what God simply says. Some are still engaged on congregational work, but can only see wisdom of God through the cloudy lens of selfishness and as a result have often exchanged the truth of God for a lie. (Romans 1:20-25)

Who are Cyrus and Cagular? Cyrus was the great king who mandated the return and rebuilding of Jerusalem. He was the greatest human power of His day? Cagular was a chieftain who defeated Cyrus at every turn but the final one. Every time Cyrus would send soldiers to capture or defeat the regions controlled by Cagular, Cyrus was defeated. In the final battle Cagular was captured and Cyrus asked what Cagular would be willing to do to be set free. Cagular said he would faithfully serve Cyrus when he returned to his village. Cyrus asked what Cagular would do to see his wife freed, and He said I would give my own life for her.

Upon this confession, Cagular was returned to his village to govern with Cyrus’ authority. While returning home Cagular commented on how beautiful the palace of Cyrus appeared. The gold of the throne and the marble walls and the intricate tapestries were much to behold. He asked his wife what she thought of the palace and her reply was more to the important point. She said she could only see the beauty and wonder of the man who would give his life for her.

Service is more than the simple fulfillment of my own self-serving goals; it is separating of myself from the needs of those around me. Jesus would speak to the socially insignificant, He would love the unlovable, He would touch the leper, and He died for the already dead. (Ephesians 2:1-5) He did for us what we could not do for ourselves. If Jesus was more concerned with His social status than His mission, where would we be? If Jesus was concerned with loving others to simply receive love, where would we be? If Jesus only wanted to associate with the better elements of society, where would we be? If Jesus only wanted the glory of a mission of ease and opulence, where would we be? The answer to where we would be is simple; we would continue to be lost and dead in our transgressions. Service is about sacrifice! Too many serve from their convenience – if they have time, or if they feel they are going to do it really well. We need to serve out of the needs that are present, not the token opportunities we use to massage our own pride. I have a Savior who gave me an un-earnable gift – salvation. Without His unselfish sacrifice, I would be lost and condemned on judgment day. My only hope was that He would voluntarily do what I could never ask of Him. He gave His life for mine. As a result, He has the right to ask me to do anything, anytime, anywhere in His cause. My life is His to use as He sees fit. My pain is irrelevant, and my plight is truly immaterial. Do away with the selfishness of self-gratification, and may we adopt the attitude of getting the mission done without regard to our own pride. Servants serve out of the needs of those they serve. Will we serve Him today?

Will we sacrifice our lives for His Glory? God bless you as you seek His glory in this world!