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Leviticus 9:12-13, Then he killed the burnt offering, and Aaron’s sons handed him the blood, and he threw it against the sides of the altar. And they handed the burnt offering to him, piece by piece, and the head and he burned them on the altar.

Leviticus 9:12-13 gives a graphic depiction of a sacrifice. Several depictions like this exist throughout the Old Testament especially in Leviticus. They show us what sacrifice looks like. It is bloody, brutal, and necessary in service to God.

Jesus is the ultimate Biblical sacrifice. Even so, He chooses forgiveness over grudge. I wonder when it must have dawned on Him, while living as man, that the sacrifice He might be watching would be a demonstration of His own future. When a woman was “caught” in adultery, she was brought to Jesus. While several laws of the day were broken, zealots wanted her death and the downfall of Jesus’ popularity. Interestingly, that would come later when real commitment and earnest effort would be required of those seeking a free meal. In the case of the lady in question, He solved it with a command of personal introspection. He called for those with no sins to begin the stoning process. The truth is that only someone unaware of their own sins would have thrown a stone at that woman. Thus, the older left and then the younger. We are like those who have looked into our own souls – we are not stone qualified throwers.

We are not called to ignore sin, just to be careful in our accusations and subsequent actions. If religious people would put as much effort into reaching out to the lost as they do in condemnation, maybe there would be a smaller number of lost people in this world. (I am not saying that religious people are the same as Christians. My differentiation separates the saved from those who simply pose as Christians.) While we are called to deal with sin, we approach it from the standpoint of trying to bring people closer to God. Is sin wrong? ABSOLUTELY! Is repentance necessary? WITHOUT QUESTION! Sin destroys our relationship with God. It is an obstacle of our own creation.

What is my role as a Christian in this process? It is to point the world to the same Cross that brought me to my knees. It is to pray for everyone, love all people, and demonstrate the grace of my Father to those around me. While we should never condone sin, we also don’t want to be known in this world as the blamers and accusers. Those names are reserved for Satan himself. (Revelation 12:10) We are called to be ambassadors, messengers, and children. (2 Corinthians 5:20; Matthew 18:3)

Jesus died so that we could know Him and the rewards He has created for His people. He died so that His followers could share their faith with those around them. Let us be the people we were created to be. Let us show the grace that lives in the sacrifice. Have a blessed day.