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We live in a world of moral relativism – that is where every right and correct thing is weighed against some personal or subjective rule. Nothing can be absolute. Nothing can be the same measure every time. There are no rights or wrongs, only what is best for ME at this moment. Interestingly, what is correct now may be wrong later. I am truly fatigued with the head spinning, ever-changing, and inconsistent rules that are spun by those who pretend to protect the rights of the most minute population while denying the rest any life at all.

Jesus claims to be the light of the world. (John 8:12) The world would have this to be something else. Jesus can be “a” light among many, leaving room for the “politically/religiously” correct ambitions of others. “If Jesus had just stated it nice?!?,” “If He had only tried to share the throne instead of claiming it for Himself, He might have a broader appeal. After all we need to please as many people as we possibly can.”

Man needs to understand that God is not fractional in nature. He is whole, Holy, and righteous. He refuses to share this with anyone, or anything else. Jesus doesn’t do this for selfish reasons that translate into vanity, but because man is never better than when he is in submission to God’s authority. I am what some might call a Biblical literalist. This means that, for me, what the Bible says – it says. There is more than a little study that goes into the matter, but that is essentially it. Too many want to read into scripture their own thoughts, wants and prejudices. Some say that everyone has such bias that one cannot know the truth. Most that make that comment have never bothered to read, much less study God’s Word. Man spends a lot of time trying to reinvent the timeless and living God.

Without question, Jesus is “THE” light for mankind. Why? Because He said so! Christians are often accused of arrogance, when in fact they are simply confident. Christians who actually believe Jesus’ words are faithful people who happen to trust the word of the Living God. Our question is, “Do we believe what Jesus said?” Do I exercise my faith in fractions- as little as I can get by with, or am I willing to go the whole way? Do I allow “outside” light (God’s Word and Wisdom) to enter my work and faith? Does my life consist of a little secular humanism, a little psychology, with some spiritualism sprinkled in to validate it all? Many would see their life as spiritual, but when analyzed find out that there is very little Christianity involved in their daily lives. They would fight to the death to prove their faith, but they are too busy to really dedicate any time to it. are so insecure in their faith that they stand for nothing and as a consequence, Satan strips them of everything.

Some might say, “Preacher you counsel and use psychological science every day,” insinuating a certain amount of hypocrisy in my point. The truth is that for me and my counseling practices, they center on helping people see the wisdom of God in their day to day lives. Truth without sound practice and application does not exist to any helpful degree. (James 1:22) Truth without God does not exist. Truth exists in this world whether we give God credit or not. We can acknowledge that man can have good thoughts, but only when washed in the truth that God has already given us. There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) While mankind can find new “things” technologically, only God can cure our greatest problem – sin. Do I trust God to be my light, or do I try to add new “Human” elements to my wisdom? Only God can endorse what is light and what is not. Is Jesus the source of my light, or does my weak faith require other attributes before I gain the calm that I am supposed to have? Jesus is loving, graceful, and generous, as well as, exclusive, wrathful, and the bringer of vengeance to the enemies of God. Do I have the faith to accept Him as my Light? Is He my Lord or not? This is one question we are all answering, whether we are willing or not.