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This past Sunday we discussed the powerful and necessary aspect of being born again. In so doing we develop many great questions about life, about ourselves and about God. God’s plan can be confusing to us if not an outright mystery – mostly the latter. Mankind’s beginning is told to us from Genesis 1. We learn of God’s desire to walk with us. The creator desires to commune with the created. Man was not made to be a decoration or a pet. He was constructed to be a companion, albeit a very needy and, at times, ungrateful one. We delude ourselves through the drunkenness of our own “foolish” wisdom. (1 Corinthians 2:14) God’s plan seems “foolish” to man. (1 Corinthians 1:18-25) As a side note, I would always choose God’s wisdom over man’s wisdom, whether we understand God’s wisdom or not. (Free advice from someone who cares about you)

From a Christian standpoint we might be tempted to assume that our beginning was in a baptistry. That is where we were raised to a new life, (Romans 6) but it is far from where the story of the redeemed began. For us, the story begins with God loving a man and a woman in a garden, and the eventual arrival, and acceptance, of the final Savior of us all. We find this glorious story in the pages of a book often maligned by the shallow and ignorant perusal of the spiritually dead. It is blasphemously weighed against man’s worldly literature as if man could possibly come close to God’s imagination or creative ability. Not to mention the accurately prophetic details given over thousands of years.

For those who would criticize the Bible and call it boring or irrelevant, I am certain they have not understood the book, if they have even bothered to read it. There is murder, deception, sibling rivalry, heartache and danger. That is just in the first book! These are themes that are right out of today’s news. The people discussed in the Bible are real people. They have flaws and strengths. Some are faithful, others live in fear or apathy. They are all loved by God none the less. The Bible is a story of man and our intense need for salvation. Something that can’t be found or created by man. We are hopeless without God. In fact, we are spiritually dead. (Ephesians 2:1) Finally, the Bible is about God. He is in every verse, and on every page. People often try to make our spiritual situation about ourselves. It is really about the Righteous Lord God Almighty who loves us even when we are found to be at our worst. He gives when we need. He saves when we have “spiritually” killed ourselves. He loves us when we can find little else than hate in our tiny and selfish hearts.

Why God chooses to work with the damaged I will never know. However, I am beyond grateful for His love and grace toward us. The Bible explains our lostness in very real and personal terms. It is expected that we consider seriously our past, present and future from a spiritual standpoint. But do not assume that the principle purpose of the Bible is Man, truly it is about God. Every word is designed to help us understand ourselves in relation to our place with God. It is designed to define God in ways that only real life circumstances can demonstrate. Many seem to want to get to know God without being Bible students. We are never promised victory without conflict, or significant relationship without sacrifice.

If God is described in the pages of the Bible, then man is certainly born there. I better understand myself when I get to know the one after whom I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) I hope you are living out the wisdom of God in this world. If not, then know that God is waiting for you to live in the fruitful manner He has designed for you. Keep looking in that spiritual mirror! Godspeed on your journey.