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What is a real spiritual leader? Is it the one who can memorize every verse in the Bible? I am absolutely for great memorization of scripture, but is that the supreme characteristic of God’s people? Some leaders are confused about who they are, what their mission is, and what they are to do about it. Some don’t know where to begin when it comes to being a great leader. I would recommend Turner’s book on leadership. I will share some of the attributes he mentions in respect to what real leaders look like.

The first attribute is that leaders are real people. Being genuine is the easiest element we can be. When we try to force a persona we will always fail, and we will always be found out as being less than sincere. Second is that leaders are built, not born. Leaders are the end product of a deliberate process. They are no more accidental than they are faithful. Third, for our purposes, a leader is a Christian. In the Church, you are not worth following if porn son you are not kneeling at the cross. Next, leaders are people of dedication. Like the father who loves his family, a real leader will always seek out the best for his led people, the way a father always seeks the success of his own children. Fifth, leaders take responsibility. He approaches leadership as one who owes his followers the best he has.

Sixth, a leader approaches the goal with a sense of urgency. Leaders who procrastinate can often lose their window of effectiveness and opportunity. Seventh, leaders are finishers. To begin a task and not be able to finish the task makes for wasted resources and useless efforts. Eighth, a leader is a patient person who sees victory in the success of his led people.

Most importantly a leader is man of the book – the Bible. That is not to say that women cannot be leaders in the Church. They can lead where scripture does not expressly prohibit. In fact, women lead many vital efforts under the guidance and supervision of loving elders. It is enough to say that leadership in the Church has to begin within the parameters of the Word of God. We can only succeed when we walk in the light of our Lord’s wisdom.

If you seek to be a leader in the Church, then you know that faith in our Head – Jesus Christ, is the place we all focus. It is His mission, His goals, and His sacrifice that sustains and provides for us. It is His example that compels us to execute His insight in this very blind world. Our world needs leadership so badly. It needs God’s healing and direction to help us to find the things we all say we want. Whether it is peace, prosperity, fulfillment, or simple acceptance, all of these are found in the body of Christ.

If you struggle to know what leadership is then know that it is found in following the ones who are pursuing the Savior. It is seen by those who sacrifice for the sake of others, above themselves. If you want to be seen as strong, then ask yourself how much you reach out to help the weak. Are you willing to love your enemy? Can you even love your brother? God doesn’t miss the inconsistencies of mankind. We need leaders. Are you able to lead people God’s way? I hope you will accept the challenge of leading the lost to the cross in this dark world. Godspeed on your journey.