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I have always maintained that if I would see any person perform a miracle of their own power, I would be their “shadow.” The sight of such an act would demand the attention of any person of faith. Even more powerful would be such an act where I would be the recipient of such a blessing. In the case of Mary Magdalene, she must have remembered the day Jesus delivered her from demonic possession. She had to remember the shame, the hurt and the relief from the bondage of a master who was cruel and relentless. We read in Luke 8:2 that she became a devoted follower. She watched him heal the sick and love the lost. Her life was given back to her and she had the honor of serving the one from whom her liberty came.

Then, her world fell apart. Her savior was arrested, tortured, and murdered. Some of the same crowds shouting “Hosanna,” now demanded His blood through crucifixion. This alone would be a lesson on the flighty commitments of men. She went to the tomb to anoint her crucified master. A gesture of respect and honor. A gesture which was met with the absence of Jesus’ body. In despair she did what most of us would do – she wept. Angels appeared and asked the important question, “Why are you weeping?” (John 20:13) Jesus was missing because He fulfilled the promise He had previously made. He had risen. When she realized Jesus had risen, all became clear and focused once again in her world!

Christian faith is not always easy. There are times of strength in working with Jesus, and there are times of despair and confusion. We can grow despondent as the world taunts us in our faithful pursuit. It is here that we all need to see the empty tomb – to realize that our Savior is risen! The empty tomb should give us hope and security in an otherwise heartbreaking world. The empty tomb symbolizes the life we have been given from the risen Master of our lives! The vacant tomb is a reminder of the promise that “NOTHING,” not in this life or in death, can possibly keep Jesus away from His faithful people. Death can’t keep Jesus from the exercise of His promises, no matter what side of life those promises are made on. This empty tomb is much more than a vacant space; it is the hope of every faithful follower of Jesus. Praise His name, He wasn’t there!