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If one bothers to have the slightest awareness of what our world is like today, an immediate question is, “Why!” Why are things so chaotic? Why have ideals that have moved us forward as people been forsaken for the hatred of yet another social fomentation? Why are people so angry? Why are the innocent given so little and the violent given so much? One mayor, who supports the protests of a certain group and their desire to eliminate police protection for the average citizen, has now employed those same police to guard her own home. Apparently, her own safety is more important than that of the citizens who elected her. I only give this example to demonstrate the link between good and bad leadership. Who would want to be a leader at a time like this? Who would want such a leader that sees their own interest above that of those they lead?

Congregations of the Church can be just as chaotic. Men’s meetings, or congregational meetings, can turn into a disgrace and dishonor to the One we are supposed to be serving. Our congregations can become unruly and figuratively, if not literally, violent. Jealousy, anger, and hate will never bring anyone to the throne-room of God. Remember, in the eyes of Jesus, if we hate or are unjustly angry with our brother, we are as guilty as if we had murdered them. (Matthew 5:21-26)

So, what is the real problem? Is it always a doctrinal issue that divides God’s people? Is it something more complex? I would like to suggest a solution to many if not most of the problems we face as people in the Church. It may sound simple, but it is truly profound. How do we move our churches forward in times of uncertainty or trouble? We do it through sound leadership.

Some great reasons we need Biblical leaders:

1) God requires great BIBLICAL leaders. There is no more important work a human can be engaged in than the work and will of the Lord. Teaching the lost and caring for the needy are blessed works. (Mark 16:15-16; James 1:27)

2) Forward spiritual progress doesn’t happen by chance. If we fail to prepare ourselves for the work of the Lord, we are simply preparing to fail in our efforts. We need to know the will and the Word in order to offer a consistent and substantial direction for the lost, and the saved we might be leading.

3) The Lost are not going to vanish! They wait for the truth in a world where deceit and despair rule the day. The “prince of the power of the air” brings death and hopelessness. (John 8:24-28; Ephesians 2:1-2) Jesus brings life. (John 10:10)

4) The Lord has saved us with the expectation we will lead! Salvation is not a trophy made for a shelf. It is a gift that comes with the responsibility of action on our part.

5) Results can be a positive part of leading. One thing to remember is that the standard for success has more to do with the accuracy with which we present the message, and less to do with numbers or tallies. That being said, we should be seeking the best ways to reach the lost.

6) Finally, the times are crying out for real leaders to step up. We need real men of God to become the focus of the problem-solving community. Godly men who consult the wisdom of God will bring us to a place of hope and healing. Only God holds the answers we need.

Being a child of God in this world is no easy task. Satan spends a lot of time harassing the flock of the Lord. We need great men to stand up and take the guidance of God’s people seriously. May God bless you as you consider this possibility in your life. Leaders begin the developmental process on their knees, and truthfully, whatever one might do after that, all great leaders will stay on their knees.